Help! Lawyers or travel trailer needed for single mom with daughter

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  • Jacqueline Davis

I have until the end of the month before my lease expires and I will have to move. 

This landlord owes me $2500 for a water bill that went to collections stemming from a leak that he didn't fix after repeated messages to him of notices from water company stating I was using 50 gallons an hour. 10 months he didn't fix it until it finally busted and sounded like a river running underneath my kitchen floor. 

He was supposed to pay the bill and instead had the water turned on his name. Because my water didn't get shut off, I assumed Pepsi are taking care of it. Only two find out months later when I applied for an SBA loan and was denied due to my credit. So, he not only didn't do what he was supposed to but also TANKED MY CREDIT! Now, I cannot borrow or refinance or trade in my jeep. 

On top of that, he brought an oven over that was cockroach infested so now, a year later EVERYTHING I own is ruined and I will be walking away with just the clothes we will be wearing for fear of taking one of those nasty bugs with us.

We have had NO heat or air for two years and there is black mold, a rotting roof and other health and safety code violations. 

I have tiled the entire house, painted the interior, landscaped the yard. ( there was only dirt for front yard when I moved in) I have made his house look 10 times better then when I moved in 4 years ago.

I have lost my good credit, which will stay with me for 7 years! I have $2500  water bill, and $987 worth of high water bills for 6 of the ten months that I should be reimbursed for.

He tried to evict me because I refused to pay until he fixed things up to code. I won. The judge said that I had a good and strong case that I should take him to small claims court but who can afford a lawyer?

He owns several properties and just sold his bed and breakfast for $789,000. He has money to make the needed improvements. He had 2 lawyers representing him. I had legal aid. Because I had an overwhelming abundance of proof to backup everything I've just explain to you just now. I think he should be made to be held accountable for the inhumane way he has treated us. I have a serious phobia of bugs and so this last year has been terrifying. I am afraid to go to sleep for fear one of them nasty bugs crawling on me as I sleep!

The money would be used to retain a lawyer and Lord willing find another place to live. Granted we won't have anything to put in a new place but at least it will be cockroach free and warm in the winter.

Thank for taking the time to read this. May the Lord bless you richly for your desire to help.