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  • Athanas Mwamburi
The purpose of this fundraiser is to request assistance so that I can bring my family from Kenya by getting visa. I am married to a lovely lady who resides in Kenya. We have been blessed with two kids - a boy (11 years old) and a girl (15 years old). I live in the great State of Washington in the City of Olympia. I am currently unemployed (but actively looking for a job). I have a budget of $8,000 for the following:
1. Travel cost to and from Kenya for 1 month for me: KES 321,051 ($2,700)
2. Legal cost to hire an Immigration Lawyer to handle Green Card or permanent residence matters: $5,000
3. Transaction fees, including credit and debit charges estimated at $300.
Please assist me to get funds to be able to travel to Kenya and also to start the process of bringing my family so that we are together. This idea was recommended to me by a friend, and I hope to find folks that can identify with my situation. These funds will enable the processing of necessary paperwork/Visa for them.
Thank you for reading my request and for your contributions in advance.
“Our biggest human problem is not poverty or crime or pain. It’s separation.”
"Sometimes God answers our prayers through other people and today, YOU may be an Answer to someone's prayer!"