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  • Cathy Holton

Hi, my name is Cathy and I lost my husband after 30 years only a year ago. In searching to make a difference in the world I came across some projects a veteran who is the recipient of the Purple Heart & Bronze Star metal during his two tours in Operation  Iraqi Freedom. And get this graduation date was 11-11-2001.I  found out that he is a front runner for PTSD & combat issues in being able to help others. I believe this man should be honored and would appreciate if someone with more experience could help me. It's my goal to raise 5,000 as a way to get people to attend the event & meet Michael........His biggest project is to repurpose the Army Navy Hospital for healing veterans and home based education and training. He wants to help people find a new purpose. So yeah then there's me seeking a new purpose. So yeah. I take it as a sign of God that I need to help this man. Would you prayerfully consider supporting this veteran? He is a Fisher of Men....For Military and First Responders...Honored Guest: Michael Nashif...Hot Springs  Arkansas...November 11,2022..Lake Hamilton...Jackpot: TBD...ENTRY FEE: $100 per patron