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  • Prakash Ganta

I'm a pastor from Odisha, India. Doing ministry of Lord Jesus Christ from 2004.there are more than 300 villages in our District Rayagada, where are not Christian. So I want to reach that villages to taking the Gospel of Lord Jesus. But I can't do that alone. I need to 50 pastors to help me for fulfill that goals. Then I have to apoint to 50 pastors for that aims. I need to financial support to support to appointed pastors. So, if you help me in Jesus name, then we fulfill that in Jesus name. 

Dear friends, if you do that you must be a blessed people or blessed family. Although you can't go to preach the gospel of Lord but you can help  by your financial support to the people who are ready to go. 

Don't leave this opportunity, because we have to do something for Lord Jesus before leaving this world. 

Best regards

Pastor Prakash

Odisha ( INDIA) 

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