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  • Kathie Knapp

At Sunshine Rescue Mission, (SRM), we welcome men in off the street at The Mission. Yes, we have been feeding, clothing and sheltering people for free for 65 years, but those things alone do not transform lives.  Our goal is Christ-centered healing and whole life transformation!  We surround people in a community of love and support and provide the resources and training needed to walk into a better life. Single homeless men are perhaps the most misunderstood among us.  Many are self-medicating with drugs and alcohol, pain they cannot overcome alone.  It is often early childhood trauma, unprocessed grief, abandonment, isolation and more.  We know that God does not make mistakes and He has an incredible plan for those who trust in him!  

At SRM we have an old space in desperate need of renovation.  Here 8 men will live during a faith-based recovery, discipleship and destiny program.  The space is old and in terrible shape.  For just $3000 we can put in new kitchen cabinets, a kitchen sink, faucet, shelving for appliances, a new bathroom vanity, sink and faucets.  We will also put in new lighting and flooring in the shared spaces and fresh paint!  This will be a home for these guys and a place where they can learn what Jesus meant when he promised life abundant!