Buying land for a new church India

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  • Banshanbor Syiem

I'm raising funds to buy land for a new church in India. I was a normal christian before God saved my wife when she was going through anxiety and panic attacks, fear, sleeplessness for months on end and I thought I'd lose her. Like normal people who believe more in medicine, doctors than God - she went through psychiatric and psychotherapy help... But nothing worked until we turned to God in the end. My wife sought God at every turn and then one night, she cried out by the blood of Jesus. All the noise that were there in her head vanished. I have seen miracles and the church and the pastor at our new church helped us see God differently. So the church, the church members and our Pastor went out of their way to help us... They helped us grow in Christ, the Holy Spirit and God, the Father. Currently, our church is functioning from a small rented place and our Pastor had a prophecy that this year we'll have a Church of our own. 

I'm a church member and regular person with jobs and kids... But seeing how the Church can help save lives made me to contribute in a small way. I'm contributing to the church building fund just like you. So I kindly request folks to contribute generously.