Help the Masih family: medical emergency--young preacher in motorcycle accident

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  • Kristopher Murdock

Reported in Lahore, Pakistan:

Young preacher Arfan Masih was struck and run over by a large truck while riding his motorcycle to preach at a village Gospel meeting at 10:00 AM local time on Saturday, May 27, 2023. Arfan experienced severe injuries, including severed hands and legs. He died a few hours later. 

The accident took place in Lahore, Punjab in Pakistan. 

Arfan's loved ones need your help during this time of crisis, including your prayers in the Name of Jesus Christ, as well as your financial help. They're already poor, and the expenses related to Arfan's accident and death add to their needs. 

(Details: The large truck behind Arfan was hit from behind by another vehicle, which knocked the truck into Arfan's motorcycle, knocked him over, and caused the truck to run over him.)

Thank you for giving to Arfan's loved ones in the Masih family through your prayers, your fasting, and your donation. Every prayer counts, and every dollar counts.