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  • Kyle

I'm working on a new poetry project that celebrates the beauty of faith and hope in Christ. My goal is to create a collection of inspiring and uplifting poems that reflect the joy and peace that comes from a relationship with Jesus. With your donation, i can cover the costs of publishing and distribution, and ensure that these poems reach a wide audience. Your support will help share the message of God's love and redemption with the world. Thank you for your consideration and may God bless you for your generosity!

As a special thanks i would like to share one of my latest poems that will be included in the first published collection which will also be donated to ministries around the world.



A Father's forgiveness.


In the depths of sin we fall,

Lost and broken, we hear the call

Of a Father's love, so pure and true,

Reaching out to make us new.


Though we've wandered far away,

His mercy shines like a brand new day,

Washing clean the stains of sin,

Making us all whole within.


His grace abounds, a timeless stream,

Flowing freely, like a dream,


So let us turn our hearts to Him,

And let His love our souls redeemed,

For in His arms we find our rest,

And know that we are truly blessed.