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  • Robert Tunn
Hi folks
My name is Robert and I'm looking for funding to go on a pilgrimage next month starting at Edinburgh Castle, Scotland to the Virgin Mary's House at Ephesus in modern day Turkey.
Please click here to be taken to my YouTube video.
I'm looking for a modest amount of money to fund the trip including flights, accommodation and health insurance.
I will follow in the footsteps of St John and the Virgin Mary from what remains of the Mausoleum at Halicarnussus and then onto Altinkum Beach, the legendary resting place of Medusa's head. I will then head in a northerly direction past the Temple of Apollo in Didim, the ancient cities of Miletos and Priene before reaching the ancient city of Ephesus where I will complete the pilgrimage at the House of the Virgin Mary.
I have known of the religious and spiritual significance of the Virgin Mary's House since I was a boy being brought up in an Episcopalian household in Scotland. I have always been impressed by the story and making a pilgrimage to the site has been my dream for many years.
The trip will be very spiritual and enlightening, I hope that you can join me along the way on my YouTube channel. Please stay tuned! I will be doing a lot of thinking about how believing in God is part of being human, why people lose their faith in God and the negative influence of pseudo-intellectual atheist arguments at a time when the need for faith is stronger than ever.
Anyone who wishes for a ribbon to be left at the Virgin Mary House on their behalf or for prayers to be made in their name, it will be my honour to oblige.
For a history of the Virgin Mary House, please see the Wikipedia page here:
God bless and thank you for considering my fundraiser.