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  • Erika

Mrs. Lynn Troutman had a heart bigger than this world could contain. Anyone blessed enough to know her, knew her as Big Momma. Big Momma loved wholly, selflessly and completely unconditionally. She exemplified Jesus in her love and kindness to all. This magnificent jewel in the crown of our Creator was the "hands and feet" of Jesus on this earth. 

In honor of Big Momma, we are starting the Big Momma's Love Foundation to help underserved members of our communities. The money collected from this campaign will be used to pay the fees associated with filing 501c3/4/5 status and registering a non-profit. The money will also be used for our first service project: to help 3 accomplished athletes who moved to a city far from home to play football in a prep program that has canceled its season. These boys are now stranded, no car, no help from family, no way to move on. They have been offered a spot in a new program, but they need help to get there and finish the season.

Big Momma loved Jesus, food, football and helping others. This new program for the boys has a huge faith based component and is designed to not only further their football development to get them to the next level of play, but their faith in our Almighty Abba Father as well. They just need help getting set up and started.

Would you please partner with me in honor of Big Momma?