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  • William Brown

Hello peers and supporters, 

    This is not what family man who already in  A trying season wants to do. Sometimes you must humble yourself and swallow pride and seek help. This morning it's my turn. 

   I am currently facing a situation that is getting more dire as the days pass. I have been in the process of recovery from a 25 year long addiction and as if that wasn't enough I have been working to get my lovely kids back. My girlfriend and I are in the struggle together. I had a part time job but my hours were cut for now so to temporarily running out available hours to give to people and I was the last one hired so I'm on standby with my impending rent and electric due. 


We are both sober with the help of God and Jesus.Even though my faith in God and family are real I just don't see a means out of my current standby situation. I have reach out to my property manager with hope he/she will work on a small repayments plan but as of now I have nothing to offer because part time work has not been working out. I am currently on the hunt for two jobs that have ours for me and are in the works. My girlfriend is a CNA and is waiting for interview on the 2nd of October but nothing is inline with my current obligations. I had a car accident about a month ago and since it's been so hard to find good employment in a reasonable distance and still maintain my father obligations that has been impossible. I have been visiting everyone everywhere and making my desire seen and working on this within my power to continue the fight. 

I just need some kind people to help make sure we can maintain our roof and basics for this month. I am praying daily my situation and his strength of love will place the rest in order. I'm currently working the Lord for my inspiration and sharing inspiration whit others via TicTok. Find my story there@uplift.and.conque God Bless anything that helps keep us from moving backwards. Love you all

God Bless all of  those who are wholesome in the heart of the Lord.


Best regards friends,

The Brown Family