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  • Karina

In the past couple of years God has allowed me to be faced with life changing circumstances which although extremely painful, he will use to build me for his purpose! . At the most turbulent time, ready to give up; the Lord decided to bless me with a Son. I was homeless but quickly found a home for my son. While learning what being a parent is, Prioritizing my new found Christian walk, surviving financially & caring for my son with no family support in the states, things have been hard to say the least. April 2024  my visa expires. I've been in the US since a child and can't imagine that changing.I'm late beginning the legal process because of financial hardship . I know somehow God makes a way and though time is short and fear of the unknown (especially separation from my baby) is a daily fight I am trusting in his mercy & honestly in an undeserved miracle. Although the amount seems Do-able to most it's currently far out of reach for me. 

 opening up hoping someone will be able and willing this cause is urgent for me and my little man. God bless.