Trying to keep my son's home life and Christian schooling stable.

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  • Grant Ferguson

Hello, as most of us know, raising positive and considerate children takes lots of love and patience, hands-on time in the trenches and resources. My name is Grant and I'm desperately trying to keep two boys on the right path and towards the kind of future we all need for our society, a future led by the kind, loving and productive adults of tomorrow.

It's become very difficult to pay for my youngest son's Christian high school tuition, and as a single parent going it all alone (through no fault of my own), I strongly believe family and stability is very important in raising a child, I'm trying hard to be a good dad, and to keep him in the good Christian school he has been in since kindergarten. Any assistance you have to share would make a world of difference to my family and it will be paid forward in kind.