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  • Susan Niemeyer

Dear Friends and Family,

Just five days following his graduation from Dordt University, my nephew Jeremy Niemeyer, received a devastating diagnosis: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cancer. Jeremy immediately commenced a rigorous two to three-year chemotherapy treatment program at the University of Iowa Cancer Center. Unfortunately, Jeremy is not eligible for a stem cell transplant as no suitable match could be found. Jeremy's medical professionals have given the family hope of a 50% chance for a full recovery.

Not surprisingly, Jeremy's diagnosis and treatment have placed a great financial strain on my brother's family. Jeremy's out-of-pocket medical costs have quickly escalated to $8,000 and will continue to mount as he battles cancer. My brother John, a teacher in a rural high school, has also been burdened with double health insurance premiums this year ($2,000 per month for four months). Unfortunately, his wife Sheila had to undergo double carpal tunnel wrist surgery this summer, resulting in $4,000 of medical expenses and lost wages. She is now working as a paraeducator, and Jeremy's brother Alex is a college student. Jeremy is currently living at home. As his health allows, he is doing some part-time work remotely. He will not be able to commence his full-time engineering career until next spring at the earliest.

John, Sheila, Jeremy, and Alex have turned to their faith in God for solace during these trying times. Their loving church community has been unwavering in their support, offering prayers for Jeremy's healing. They have provided them a refuge of peace and love, and the family has witnessed the power of collective prayer as they experience God's grace and healing.

John and Sheila's hearts are filled with hope and faith, praying fervently for Jeremy's full recovery and the opportunity for him to embark on a cancer-free life anew. Your support during this challenging journey is deeply appreciated, and it will help ease the financial and emotional burdens they are facing. Our entire family is grateful for your prayers and any contribution you can provide to help Jeremy regain his health and continue his journey towards a bright future. Thank you for standing with us during this difficult time.

With heartfelt gratitude and faith,

Susan Niemeyer,sister of John and aunt of Jeremy


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