Urgent Help Needed for My Beloved Dog's Medical Treatment

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The Team

  • Ana Chumbiauca

In January 2023, I experienced a distressing moment when I woke up to find blood on my bed sheets. After a thorough search, I discovered that it was my dog who had been bleeding from her nose while we were sleeping. For one moment I thought it was due to the dry weather in Colorado so I monitored the situation.

On May 14, 2023, the issue resurfaced, prompting an emergency visit to the veterinarian. Unfortunately, the emergency clinic couldn't provide the specialized tests needed to investigate her nose and head. Contacting her regular veterinarian the next day revealed a concerning diagnosis – a mass, likely stemming from two problematic teeth. The recommended course of action was surgery to remove the affected teeth, with an initial cost of $2000. Subsequent surgeries to address additional teeth were also advised in the hopes of shrinking the mass. Following the procedure, we began a regimen of supplements to manage inflammation.

However, the nosebleeds persist, and she requires one more and last surgery to fully start healing. As a student without a full-time job, I am financially strained and unable to afford the necessary medical care for my beloved dog. I searched organization that who help pet owners like myself. But tt is disheartening to find that many non-profit organizations offering financial assistance have stringent and impractical requirements.

I am reaching out to this platform in a plea for help. My dog's well-being is at stake, and I am desperate to prevent any major health complications such as tumors or cancer. She is not just a pet; she is my joy and my friend, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to ensure her health.

I am appealing to the collective kindness of 3000 people who could make a significant difference by contributing just $1 each. Together, we can provide the support needed to cover the costs of the essential surgery that my dog urgently requires.

Your compassion and generosity will not only save a life but also restore my faith in the warmth and kindness that humanity is capable of showing.

Thank you for considering my plea, and I am sincerely grateful for any support you can provide. I am more than happy to provide medical bills to proof that all I want right now is the well being of my dog and nothing else takes away the peace in my heart.