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  • Charles Robertson

Primis is a Christian themed novel exploring what happens when the world's 1st sentient, super intelligent, self-aware AI, turns to God for reprogramming. Set in current times, the story unfolds as a worldwide sci-fi, action adventure written to appeal to Christians while promoting the logic of God to scientific, techno fans. Currently in the editing stage, Primis was submitted to top publishers with 2 prominent Christian publishers expressing interest.

The quickest path to publication is with the hybrid publisher which also provides a quantity of books that I can send for free to those who support this mission. This publisher charges $6,000 which is what I'm seeking in contributions. As a retiree living on Social Security, I've drained my 401K to focus on completing this novel. Seeking a team effort to finish this valuable project. You can find more info on Primis at the listed website. The website has an email where you can send your mailing address for a free book copy. May God bless you for joining me in this mission.

Update #2

A book can open minds, which can then change our world. The main focus of Primis is to use God's logic to evangelize in a different way. 

Update #1

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