Shelter Kalamia

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The Team

  • Maarten Verhoef

Hi brothers and sisters

Thank you for introducing ourselves. We are Maarten and Jeanine Verhoef, parents of 4 children and Bible Baptist Believers. We are Dutch and do live in Greece now for 8 years as disciples of Jesus Christ.

As you may know Greece is very orthodox country with 11 million inhabitants and almost no saved believers. They mostly dont even know how to get saved by the Holy blood of Jesus Christ the Only born Son of God.
We spread the Word of God in different ways to all people in Greece. First of all we opened a small Dutch Waffle bakery with syrup waffles we bake. Called Next to this we made a tract called ' The Kings Waffle' about our lives and how to get saved. This tract is in Greek and English.

Next to this we started to promote Final Fight Radio station called here Alitheias Faros... Lighthouse with 24/7 Bible preaching and Biblical songs. We put out now 30.000 tracts fot that and more then 1000 persons listen now every sunday and slowly more people get saved.

The new project we need your support for is  ' Shelter Kalamia' We have a piece of land next to the seaside covers in reed and ' Kalamia'  means 'reed'.

We have our focus on three groups of people:


1. We are in the middle of olive trees and every year from October till March there are foreigners here to pick olives. They live under bad circumstances and no sanitair and no good food. So we want to make cabins for them and good food in the evening. They are open to hear the Gospel.

2. We have youngsters here who have no place to go. They are addicted to cellphones and drugs and no true place to hang out and to speak and to have a Bible-study what so ever. No good food too.

3. Tourists have to travel at least 80 miles with there motorhomes and trailers to stay over at a campside. We do speak 5 languages so for us it is easy to get them over and introduce them to the Lord Jesus. We organise prayer meetings and Bible corses and good food and talks.

We need support for building the cabins, the electricity, the water and the infrastructure. We already put our last savings into the plot and the old building there is but we need help.