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Following God doesn't always, in fact it rarely does, make sense!


My name is Ashley Readmond. Last April my husband, Christian, and I made a leap to open a business, and we poured our hearts and souls into it! Assets were liquidated to start it, time, and effort was dedicated to running it. Despite our best attempts we were never able to get a leg up over the costs to operate. Slowly funds started to falter, and we ran into a very difficult season. But God! He provided for our needs; food, shelter, clothing during this time of trial, and we were left with a very real need to lean on and trust in Him alone. I couldn't tell you how many times we said "I just don't know how we are making it!"

As our trust in Christ grew and grew Christian became convicted to do something to spread the gospel, to tell the world of our great God who loves us, and was given the idea to walk the Appalachian Trail as far as God would take him. If He wants to take him the whole way, he is willing to go. We pray his journey illustrates for others that a Christian should fully be a vessle for God's Will, and as such he will face the journey head on no matter the length, with a willingness to carry his cross and follow Christ!

I didn't know what it would entail, nor did he. Would he walk a mile and go home? The full 2198 Miles from Georgia to Maine? We weren't sure, but he made a vow to God and one thing was for certain. He needed to show up. He chose April 9th, and true to his vow on April 9th, 2024 he arrived at the southern most point of the trail, fighting sickness and pouring rain. Never before hiking that long, we were both unprepared. Hiking gear, we learned, is very expensive! I served in the military and had some gear left from my time in service. It was all we had available to him, and it is not light. He set foot on the trail with almost 100lbs of gear, the ruck itself almost 10 lbs. Still. He made a vow, and he showed up. 

At the point of opening this fundraiser he has walked 136.9 miles despite many challenges--all of which are documented on our social media ministry pages included below.


He has had amazing help. With assistance he has gotten his pack down to 40lbs before food, and has learned so much just in this short time. Still the enemy seems to be against this ministry. A hiker who helped him even suffered her own loss just in the act of helping us! In driving to get him resupply a deer jumped into her car, totalling it. The difficulties are many, but God is still greater!


At this point, despite his willingness to continue spreading the gospel, it appears his journey is over.


Before leaving for the trail we sadly shelved our business, and Christian went to work goaling to make enough with many extra hours and effort to bring in what the family needs during his absence, and we had believed he did. Until recently, a large check we were expecting did not come. A miscalulation, and now the mission is simply not looking like something that will be completed.


I cannot work myself as the primary caregiver to three young children, expecting another. I am not near family for assistance in watching them. Without funds coming in he will simply have to stop his hike and return home, stop spreading the gospel on the trail, and get a regular job to provide.


We believe this will glorify Christ, and we have faith (maybe just faith the size of a mustard seed) that soon we will yet again be saying--BUT GOD!


If our journey has blessed you, please consider giving. We hope to have enough to keep the family going, and bless the hiker who lost her vehicle just listening to God's call to help.


If you cannot give, like, subscribe, spread the word so we can continue Spreading the Kingdom! We appreciate your help and support!


God Bless Your Journey!